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This section chronicles my work in the field of biology. I haven't done much yet, but I am very interested in researching a few specific areas, which I am now pursuing. 

This is actually a student project I conducted with a friend (@Lucas Balda, Penn State '23) my freshman year of high school. It follows up on an interesting study I read, regarding the impact of Wi-Fi and cell phone signals on bacterial antibiotic resistance.

This is a project I worked on with 24 other students at JHU:

We entered in the XPrize Next-Gen mask challenge and won the Future Forward Award, a $250k prize. We are currently in the business development and design refinement phase.

This is actually more of a coding project, but we (me and @Huanlin Dai, UChicago Applied Math '24) developed some deterministic SEIR models for the spread of COVID-19. We were able to generate functional descriptions for distinct phases of the pandemic based on mobility data. We are currently refining the models and updating them.

Here's the link.

More Coming Soon!

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