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Over the years, I have spent a lot of time interacting with advanced scientific equipment. While building my reactor, I encountered many companies that deal in lab equipment, particularly surplus companies. Surplus companies generally deal in bulk and do not possess the skill set or tools required to test these advanced items. Items with plenty of value would end up on the recycle list, often because they required special testing, and without that testing, the value dropped substantially. With experience I acquired working on my fusor and similar projects, I began picking up this recycled equipment and testing it for fun, and one day I decided to list a vacuum pump I had been working on. An item that was supposed to be recycled went from a value of $0 to its sold price of $1000. I started picking up more recycled equipment and purchasing untested equipment from surplus companies. From that work, I founded Zantek Scientific, LLC. We now deal in many different types of scientific equipment, acquiring untested higher-end lab equipment, generally from surplus companies and lab liquidations, testing and calibrating this equipment, potentially performing repairs, and then remarketing this equipment for use in laboratories. We work with many major universities and research groups, both local and international. For more information, you can visit the Zantek Scientific website here:

Also take a look at the Zantek LinkedIn page: Zantek. You can see some sample products below.


I am currently applying for a patent for a device  I have been working on. Our home has a pool, and we maintain it ourselves. Over the years, I've noticed that we put in a lot of time and effort in performing mundane tasks to keep the pool clean/chemically balanced. I began to investigate automated systems, but found them to often be quite overpriced, generally due to the presence of expensive sensors. Rather than purchase such a system, I began designing my own, relying on the standard pool test chemicals and much less advanced/costly sensors/a better digital interface, and I've decided to apply for a patent for this new design. Once the process is complete, I will post my designs, applications, and prototyping here.

Provisional Patent filed! See blog.

More Coming Soon!

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