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Below, you'll find my musical composition endeavors. Currently, I'm working on my Symphony No. 1. This section will constantly be updated, with ideas being added. These are mostly rough sketches. Also, check my blog/social media, as I may put ideas down there as well. In this section, I'll also often discuss specific interesting things I've found in composing and listening avidly. On my blog/social media, I might also put down things I'm listening to that intrigue me. Feel free to leave comments/messages.


This is the brass chorale intro to Movement 1. It's meant to be quite grand, with expressive liberties taken with timing. The chord changes emulate the Phrygian scale, with many shifts to the minor second. Finally, the triumphant arrival at the B major and the statement of the 1-3-5-8-5 arpeggio motif, which will be the first developed in Movement 1. A recording will come soon in the Playing section, along with a theory discussion.

Moving on from the chorale, this section leads us out of the intro, into the first iteration of the first theme.

This is the start of Movement 2. It's a slow, light string melody, carried on by the woodwinds, with sixteenth note triplet runs in the strings, inspired by Weber. This one has a computer-generated recording in Playing, where I discuss the theory a bit. This evolved from some guitar improvisation, which you'll also find in Playing.


This section is for pieces played by me and/or written by me. Often, these will be excerpts pertaining to my symphony. Also, I'll put a lot of my jazz and rock work here. I'll discuss music theory, maybe even spin in some physics. Once again, this section will be constantly updated, and once again you can check my blog/social media, as I may add day-to-day things there. Again, feel free to leave comments/messages.

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This is the audio to the start of Movement 2. It is computer generated, so it only provides a rough sketch of what it will sound like.

More Coming Soon!